October Swim Lessons: Time Card & Open Registration


Group Swim Lessons Class Fee: $25 Note: classes may be cancelled or combined due to low enrollment. Class fees are prorated for the holidays.

• 8 group swim lessons for various levels will be o ered for the month at the scheduled dates and times.
• Instruction required outside of scheduled dates/times will be rated as private/semi-private lessons and is contingent on instructor availability.

•Classes may be cancelled, combined, or reassigned to a di erent date/time depending on availability and class size.

Sign-up Process:

• Each family will randomly draw a “time card” that specifies the time for swim lesson registration on Thu, Sep 20.
• Time cards will be available at the Outdoor Pool front desk Sep 14-18.
• With time card in hand, register and pay for swim lessons at the RANGER GYM reception counter on the designated time. It’s OK to show up later than the time speci ed, but not before.

• Open registration is available during normal business hours on Sep 21-27 at the RANGER GYM reception counter.