Sports & Competitive Events

MWR's intramural sports program offers a series of Captain's Cup events, monthly competetive events, and seasonal sporting leagues to the Atsugi community. The program is open to Active Duty, Reserve, and Retired personnel, and SOFA-sponsored Civilians, along with their dependents. JMSDF (and their dependents) and MLC/IHA personnel working at NAF Atsugi are also eligible to participate. All players must be at least 18 years old.

2019 Adults Sports Calendar (PDF Download)



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Upcoming Events

Indoor Ironman Challenge

Participate in the Indoor Ironman Challenge from April 1-30! Ask for a stamp card from Ranger Gym Gear Issue, and receive a stamp for each event completed. Complete all stamps to win a prize!

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Spring Fling Football Tournament

Rosters are due on Fri, Apr 26.

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Atsugi 10K/Half Marathon

Register April 1 - 12 at Ranger Gym. $25 for SOFA, JMSDF, IHA/MLC & Off-base guests; $35 for late registration.

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Summer Basketball League

Rosters due: Fri, May 24 at the Ranger Gym Sports Office. Coaches' Meeting: Tue, May 28; League starts: Mon, Jun 3

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Memorial Hero WOD

Take the physically challenging "Murph Hero WOD" honoring one of America's finest! Open to ages 12+. The challenge: 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, and a 1-mile run.

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Atsugi Sprint Triathlon

Early Registration (April 29-May 12):$25 for SOFA. JMSDF, and IHA/MLC (Individual participation). Must be 14 years old and older, Guaranteed t-shirt and medalLate Registration (May 31- June 1) $30 for SOFA. JMSDF, and IHA/MLC (Individual participation). No guarantee for shirt or shirt size

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Mt. Fuji Step Challenge

Complete the challenge at Ranger or Halsey Gym and earn a prize! Complete 9,000 steps on the stair climber from Subaru 5th station to Mount Fuji's summit. Register at Ranger (264-6160) or Halsey Gym (264-3847)

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