Ranger Gym

Ranger Gym offers a variety of fitness equipment, including dumbbells in weights from 3-150 pounds, a power rack to accommodate different weight-bearing exercises, adjustable Olympic-style bench presses, Smith machines, a cable crossover, and leg presses, along with other multipurpose machines and equipment to meet your workout needs. It also houses the base indoor pool as well as saunas.


Upcoming Events

Fit for Life Marathon Challenge

Complete 26 miles (treadmill or outdoors) from Mar 4-15 and get a gift! Pick up cards and info at Ranger Gym or Halsey Gym Gear Issue.

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March Insanity Basketball Tournament

March Insanity Basketball Tournament at Ranger Gym.

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Indoor Ironman Challenge

Participate in the Indoor Ironman Challenge from April 1-30! Ask for a stamp card from Ranger Gym Gear Issue, and receive a stamp for each event completed. Complete all stamps to win a prize!

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