Morale, Welfare and Recreation (MWR) exists to enhance the lives of sailors, their families and other eligible patrons on NAF Atsugi.

At Atsugi, support and leisure opportunities include sightseeing trips around Japan, outdoor recreation, fitness, dining, sports, movies, bowling, golfing and more. Our MWR staff work hard to ensure personnel stationed here enjoy their time in Japan!

Who can use MWR services?

  • Active duty military personnel (U.S. and JMSDF), their families and guests
  • Reservists
  • Retired military personnel
  • DoD civilian employees and their family members
  • DoD contracted employees or their representatives affiliated with NAF Atsugi
How can I find out about MWR events?

Subscribe to the In the Loop e-newsletter, follow us on Facebook, or check out the events webpage.

How do I reserve MWR facilities for private parties or events?

The following MWR facilities can be reserved for special events:

  • Trilogy Ballroom | 0467-63-3616 (Catering Office)
  • Atsugi Lanes Bowling Center | 0467-63-3790
  • Cinema 77 | 0467-63-4538
I'm stationed at Atsugi and want to get out and see Japan. How can I do that?

  • Visit or call the Tours and Travel Office (0467-63-3786) in Bldg. 978
  • Visit or call the Liberty Center (0467-63-4750) in Bldg. 77 to learn more about trips for single Sailors
  • Visit or call Gear Rental (0467-63-6205), located in Bldg. 978, for all things outdoor recreation (bikes, skis, snowboards, tents, grills, party supplies, etc.).
I'm a band or entertainer who would like to perform at NAF Atsugi. How do I go about being considered?

Please contact MWR’s Community Recreation Office by calling 264-4652 or 0467-63-4652 from a Japanese cell phone. (If calling from the U.S., dial +81-467-63-4652.)

I heard MWR has a marketing department that does printing. Can you print fliers, posters and/or signs for me, or feature my organization's event on a marquee?

The priority of the marketing office is to publicize MWR-sponsored events and functions. However, designed and printed posters or banners can be done for private organizations and individuals for a freelance fee. There's also a two-week turnaround time to be aware of.


The outdoor, electronic marquee outside Cinema 77 is available for paid advertising to NAF Atsugi organizations. So feel free to give us a call or drop by the marketing office at 0467-63-3574 or in building 978 (where Tours and Outdoor Rec are located) for more information and to discuss details, services and quotes.

Where can I go to exchange or withdraw dollars and yen?

NAF Atsugi has physical locations of Community Bank and Navy Federal Credit Union where you can exchange cash or use other banking services. (Both banks are located off Oriskany Street.) Each branch also has at least one ATM located around base. 


To read more about MWR programs, tap here.