Far East Cafe (Galley)


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The Far East Cafe, NAF Atsugi's award-winning main galley, is open to all active duty personnel attached to NAFA or tenant commands, as well as personnel on TAD with the USMC, Army, Air Force or Coast Guard. Transiting active duty personnel and reservists are also welcome. 

The galley features a 21-day menu cycle along with a speed line and deli bar. Based on the menu cycle the U.S. Navy provides as a guideline, entrees are created from cuisines around the world, including European countries, the Pacific Islands, the Caribbean and local dishes from Japan.

At the Far East Cafe, U.S. Navy Culinary Specialists work alongside Japanese national chefs who help support the establishment. Several times a year, anyone on base can experience the galley when it opens its doors to the public for special occasions.


Atsugi features two other galleys in addition to the Far East Cafe: the Flight Line Galley and the East Side Diner. The Flight Line Galley is located in building 187 near the U.S. Air Terminal. The East Side Diner is in building 1514, close to the east gate and HSM-51.