Fitness Programs

Need some tips and advice about how to stay in shape and healthy? The Health & Wellness Center, located inside Ranger Gym, offers the following programs:

Free Fitness Orientation 

  • FREE fitness assessment, microfit testing, and tour of the facility
  • FREE training session with a staff trainer
  • Additional personal training available (fee included)
  • Call 264-6160 for more information

Do you want to become a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor? Learn how to become one here!

Command Fitness Leader Course (CFL)

A five-day course designed to prepare and certify potential Navy Fitness Leaders. The class covers a variety of material, ranging from Navy instructions and policies to nutrition and fitness program development. CFL instructions and applications are found HERE:

Navy Operational Fitness & Fueling Series (NOFFS)

An all-inclusive fitness program that provides you with step-by-step instruction for various levels of workout intensities, as well as nutritional guidance. NOFFS provides the Navy with "best in class" physical fitness and nutrition information for sailors, allowing the Navy to maintain peak physical readiness - a top priority of the 21st Century Sailor and Marine initiative.



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Upcoming Events

Indoor Ironman Challenge

Participate in the Indoor Ironman Challenge from April 1-30! Ask for a stamp card from Ranger Gym Gear Issue, and receive a stamp for each event completed. Complete all stamps to win a prize!

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Atsugi 10K/Half Marathon

Register April 1 - 12 at Ranger Gym. $25 for SOFA, JMSDF, IHA/MLC & Off-base guests; $35 for late registration.

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Mind+Body+Brew: Yoga & Craft Beer

Enjoy yoga and craft beer (appetizers included) at Trilogy's Offside Bar. Register for this event from May 13-19 at Ranger Gym. Sign up early and get $5 off!

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Memorial Hero WOD

Take the physically challenging "Murph Hero WOD" honoring one of America's finest! Open to ages 12+. The challenge: 1-mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 air squats, and a 1-mile run.

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Atsugi Sprint Triathlon

Early Registration (April 29-May 12):$25 for SOFA. JMSDF, and IHA/MLC (Individual participation). Must be 14 years old and older, Guaranteed t-shirt and medalLate Registration (May 31- June 1) $30 for SOFA. JMSDF, and IHA/MLC (Individual participation). No guarantee for shirt or shirt size

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Mt. Fuji Step Challenge

Complete the challenge at Ranger or Halsey Gym and earn a prize! Complete 9,000 steps on the stair climber from Subaru 5th station to Mount Fuji's summit. Register at Ranger (264-6160) or Halsey Gym (264-3847)

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