The boarding kennel is located near the base's Main Gate, at the end of the lane down from the Vehicle Registration Office (VRO). The kennel has 11 indoor/outdoor rooms for dogs, plus indoor rooms for cats. Dogs are walked twice daily. Reservations fill up quickly and should be made early.

All dogs must have current rabies, distemper/parvo and bordetella shots. Cats need rabies and distemper/parvo. Proof of vaccinations will be required before any animal can be boarded at the facility. Any animals exhibiting vomiting, diarrhea, coughing, sneezing or runny eyes at the time of kennel entry won't be accepted and will be referred to a veterinarian. Except for incoming rabies quarantines, animals less than four months old, nursing females or pets in heat will also not be accepted.

Dog Rates: $15 per day, $100 per week, $380 per month

Cat Rates: $10 per day, $65 per week, $240 per month

If you board two pets at once, the second pet gets a 20% discount.

Dog grooming services are also available (call for rates)

Dog Park

For info about Atsugi's dog park, including rules, please see the Parks, Fields & Courts page under Recreation.


Bringing a Pet to Japan

For information about importing pets into Japan, including vaccination and quarantine requirements, consult a military veterinarian, or - if none is available - a civilian veterinarian with experience in Japanese pet importation requirements. Be aware that bringing a pet to Japan is a long process that can be expensive, and housing that allows pets can be difficult to find. Use the following links for more information:

Government of Japan Animal Quarantine Service

Camp Zama Military Veterinary Clinic

  • Camp Zama Vet Clinic Phone Number: 263-3875 (DSN) 0464-07-3875 (from a Japanese cell) or +81-464-07-3875 (from a U.S. cell phone)