NAF Atsugi has been home to sailors and their families for nearly 60 years and is the only permanently forward-deployed and co-located air wing, Carrier Air Wing Five, for over 28 years. As the only naval installation supporting an entire air wing, Atsugi supports more than 40 award-winning tenant commands, which not only guarantee mission accomplishment but ensure the success of our numerous community and youth programs through teamwork and volunteering.

Our current community includes 10,000 personnel including U.S. military, JMSDF, civilians, family members and Japanese national employees. Taking our role as ambassadors to the Asia-Pacific to heart, we strive daily to improve the strength and quality of our ties to our host nation. NAF Atsugi's strategic importance continues to grow, providing the finest facilities, maintenance and logistics to support the "Tip of the Sword" and bolster stability in the Western Pacific.

Sponsorships offer a chance for MWR to partner with you to enhance events for the military community while your business gains valuable promotional benefits. Events such as base-wide holiday celebrations, Super Bowl parties, Independence Day gatherings, triathlons and more, offer sponsors wonderful exposure to a traditionally hard-to-reach market. Benefits vary, depending on sponsorship levels, and may include:

  • Banners and signage placed in MWR facilities or at an event
  • Event displays and booths
  • Logo and business name on promotional materials
  • Ability to distribute giveaways, product samples, etc. to the military community and others
  • Face time with the greater military community
  • And much more!

If you would like more information about sponsorships or specific events, give us a call at the MWR Marketing Office at 264-3574 (DSN) or 0467-63-3574.