Fleet & Family Support Center (FFSC)

The Fleet & Family Support Center’s services are encompassed in three core programs, with a number of subordinate programs and services falling under each:

Work and Family Life Programs

DSN: 264-3372 or 264-3628

Work and Family Life Programs (WFL) directly support mission readiness by preparing services members and their families for the physical, emotional, interpersonal, and logistical demands of the military lifestyle.

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Welcome to the Land of the Rising Sun. AOB/ICR Class is offered weekly, and is mandatory for all incoming military personnel, DOD Civilians, and adult family members. A Base Representative will provide pertinent information that is specific to Naval Air Facility and to Japan in general.

Area Orientation Brief (AOB) for Single Sailors and Geo Bachelors will begin at 0800.   The brief for Accompanied personnel will begin at 0830. The Inter-Cultural Relations (ICR) Program is designed to familiarize individual with the language, customs, culture, use of public transportation, and other important information about Japan. 


Program services include:

Career Support & Retention Programs

  • Transition Assistance Program (TAP)/Transition Plans, Goals, Success (TPGS) workshops, presented with the support of the Department of Labor and the Department of Veteran’s Affairs - using notebook computers and a greatly enhanced syllabus, TAP/TGPS provides a vast array of skills to the retiring or separating service member, as well as his/her spouse.
  • Family Employment Response Program (FERP) workshops and individual counseling - assists spouses and adult family members in preparing winning resumes with interview skills and career course definition, as well as help in preparing position application documents.
  • Personal Financial Management (PFM) - provides classes, consultations, information and referral to internet, community and national resources, as well as both the training and coordination of Command Financial Specialists representing each of the commands aboard the base; also helps in preparing viable budgets and debt reduction plans for community members who find themselves mired in debt.


Deployment & Readiness Programs

  • Relocation-related programs and services (i.e. sponsorship, PCS workshops, welcome info, lending locker, Area Orientation Briefs, Intercultural Relations, etc.)
  •  Ombudsman program coordination and command support
  • Pre-deployment briefings and support services
  • Support services for sailors and their families during deployments
  • Return and reunion outreach for units returning home after significant deployments
  • Post-deployment classes and services, as necessary to aid in re-integration
  •  Life Skills Education (LSE), to include prevention and education programs and General Military Training support.


New Family Advocacy Program, Victim Advocate 24/7 Helpline:  090-1453-7142


Counseling Advocacy Program (CAP)

DSN: 264-4188 or 264-3643

  • CAP programs provide individual, group and family counseling, victim intervention and related prevention education and awareness programs. Including: Clinical Counseling, SAIL, FAP, and NPSP- HV


Counseling Services

  • Clinical counseling service is problem-focused and brief, with the emphasis placed on problems in daily living, such as difficulty adjusting to the military lifestyle, relationships, parenting, grief and other personal crises that can have a negative impact upon military readiness and family preparedness.


Sailor Assistance & Intercept Program (SAIL)

  • Available to active duty Sailors who experienced a suicide ideation or attempt (Suicide-Related Behavior). SAIL is an evidence-based intervention that provides rapid assistance, ongoing risk assessment, care coordination, and reintegration assistance.


Family Advocacy Services

  • Short-term, solution-focused, counseling (self-referral, couples, families and group)
  • Advocacy and assistance for victims of domestic abuse
  • Domestic Abuse Victim Advocacy and awareness training for the command and community.
  • Critical Incident Intervention for isolated incident response, Critical Incident Stress Management, command consultation and suicide prevention


New Parent Support Home Visitation Program (NPSHVP)

  • A free support service program designed to meet the needs of expectant active-duty military personnel, their spouses and those families with children under the age of four. The program is to provide in-home prenatal and parenting skills education to active-duty service members and their families.


Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR)

The main goal of the Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR) program is to provide immediate and quality services and support 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week to assist victims of sexual assault and reduce the incidence of sexual assault committed by or against military service members, their families, and civilians.

Click here for a PDF download of SAPR information and resources. 


* 24/7 SAPR Support Line:  090-8058-5632