MWR offers gyms, nutrition assistance, fitness classes, intramural tournament sports and seasonal competitive events, including Captain's Cup tourneys and lots of 5K fun runs. Check out the Sports & Competitive Events page for annual events and tournaments, as well as the Group Classes & Martial Arts page for weekly fitness classes. Find out more about fitness facilities and programs below:

Adults Sports

MWR's intramural sports program offers a series of Captain's Cup events, monthly competetive events, and seasonal sporting leagues to the Atsugi community.

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Enjoy water sports and activities all year long in our indoor and outdoor pools.

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Group Fitness

Stay fit and improve your physical health with weekly group fitness classes. Here are the classes we currently offer:

  • Spin

  • Stroller Fitness

  • Zumba

  • Interval Training

  • High Fitness

  • Hip Hop Cardio

  • Yoga 

  • Functional Fitness

Join the Atsugi Fitness Facebook Group and be a part of our online fitness community!  



Personal Trainer Sessions

Try a workout with a qualified personal trainer! Train alone or with a group of friends. 

  • $25 per person

  • $20 (2 people)

  • $15 (3 people)

Please call Ranger Fitness Center (264-6160) for information on the trainers' availability.


5K/10K Run Route (View/Download)



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