Starting on May 15

Starting on Saturday, May 15, you will notice a price increase to some Skywriters and Smokey's BBQ menu items at Trilogy.

Over the past year, we have been greatly affected by increasing food costs. We strived to "eat" these food costs for you in order to keep our menu prices down during the pandemic.

What we hoped would be temporary has become permanent and we are now required to reset our menu prices based on these continued increased food costs.

These changes are not ideal and we appreciate your understanding.

Additionally, we will offer MWR coupons with any purchase over $10 at Skywriters or Smokey's BBQ from May 15-21. This coupon will be good for one of the following:

  • 1 FREE Bowling Game@Atsugi Lanes
  • 1 FREE Movie@Cinema 77
  • $3 OFF Gear@Gear Rental
  • $3 OFF Tours@Tours & Travel
  • $3 OFF Green Fees@Atsugi Golf Course
  • $3 OFF Services@Auto Skills Center

Thank you for supporting YOUR Navy MWR!