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Explore Japan with Tours & Travel!

The Tours & Travel office (Bldg.978) offers a variety of day and weekend tours, as well as special excursions when school is out. Our bilingual staff is ready to assist you with your travel needs.


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April MWR Tours - Download tour Descriptions here

Saturday, May 6: Lake Okutama Hike

Sunday, May 7: Shiraito Waterfall, Shibazakura, & Lake Kawaguchi

Saturday, May 13: Daffodil Flowers, Tumbler Craft, & Lake Kawaguchi

Sunday, May 14: Grand Sumo Match & New Sanno Hotel Brunch 

Saturday, May 20: Kiyotsu Gorge Sightseeing & Glass Blowing Craft 

Sunday, May 21: Grand Sumo Match & New Sanno Hotel Brunch

Saturday, May 27: Mt. Fuji Station 1-5 Hike 

Sunday, May 28: Mishima Skywalk & Zipline

Monday, May 29: Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park





Sign up ONLINE Tue, Feb 28 @ 5 p.m. OR Sign up in person on Wed, Mar 1 @ 9 a.m.

  • Fuji Safari Park | Saturday, April 1

  • Hakone Sightseeing Ver.1 | Sunday, April 2

  • Takato Cherry Blossom Festival | Saturday, April 8

  • Makaino Farm Resort | Sunday, April 9

  • Tulip Flowers, Katori-Jingu Shrine & Inubosaki Lighthouse | Saturday, April 15

  • Arakurayama Shrine & Lake Yamanaka | Sunday, April 16

  • Oarai-Isosaki & Oiwa Shrine Walking Tour | Saturday, April 22

  • Green Tea Picking & Miho Pine Grove | Sunday, April 23

  • Mt. Tsukuba Hike | Saturday, April 29

  • Nemophilia Flower Seaside Park | Sunday, April 30


Daycation Rewards Program

Receive REWARD POINTS every time you complete a tour. These points can be used toward discounts up to 100% for future tours.

Here's three ways you can earn points:

  • Complete a tour
  • Bring an off-base guest on a tour
  • Use MWR charter services (e.g., to Haneda or Narita Airport)

The 5 Milestones:

  • Bronze (1,000 pts) = 20% off any tour
  • Sliver (2,000 pts) = 40% off any tour
  • Gold (3,000 pts) = 60% off any tour
  • Platinum (4,000 pts) = 80% off any tour
  • Diamond (5,000 pts) = FREE TOUR


Hiking Guides Wanted!

Our Tours & Travels team is looking for energetic, experienced hikers who are interested in being a guide on hiking tours.


  • You must be 18 years old or older

  • F/A CPR certified

  • Able to obtain General Liability Insurance. 

Gives us a call at 0467-63-3786 or send an email to if you meet the above requirements!



Mt. Fuji Safety Brief 

 This is a prerequisite for all Mt. Fuji Tours.


Charter Bus & Van Services

Limited charter bus and van services are offered at the Tours & Travel office. Call 0467-63-3786 to reserve.


Tour Cancellation Policy

Written documentation must be presented for a refund, without exception. Your receipt is required to issue a refund.

  • One-Day Tours – If you cancel 6 business days prior to your scheduled tour, no charge will be assessed. If you cancel 1-5 business days prior, you will be charged 50% of the total price of the tour. If you cancel on the date of the tour or seek a refund past the date of the tour, no refunds will be given. Business days exclude weekends and U.S. holidays.

  • Overnight Tours – If you cancel 11 business days prior to your scheduled tour, no charge will be assessed. If you cancel 7-10 business days prior, you will be charged the deposit of the tour. If you cancel 6 business days prior, or on the date of the tour, or seek a refund past the date of the tour, no refund will be given, except in the event of valid duty commitment.

Cancellation cannot be accepted for tours that require admission tickets in advance. Refunds cannot be made after acceptance of reservations for such events (i.e. sumo tournaments, kabuki performances, baseball games, and concerts.) Please inquire at the Tours office for the full cancellation/refunds policy.