Getting to Base from the Airport

Military Shuttle

Please visit the official U.S. Navy website for the shuttle bus information to NAF Atsugi. 

Train or Bus

The easiest way to take the Japanese train system to or from Narita is via the Narita Express. It travels between the airport and Yokohama Station dozens of times per day, and Yokohama is just a 30-minute train ride from Atsugi. There are ticket counters and kiosks at Narita and Yokohama Station where you can buy tickets, which cost about ¥1,500 from Narita to Yokohama if you show your American passport and ¥4,500 from Yokohama to Narita (round trip tickets are also available and handy when taking trips from Japan). Yokohama Station is located on the Sotetsu Line, which can be accessed from both Sagamino and Sagamiotsuka Stations close to Atsugi. Train routes are also available from and to the closer, smaller Haneda Airport. For detailed train directions, visit Google Maps or (Note: Look for signs at the airports.)

You can also use the Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT) based at Yokohama Station to take a bus from and to Narita or Haneda. Visit their English website for the latest prices and timetables.


You can type the base or airport name into Google Maps and get step-by-step directions. The FFSC also has maps of the routes between both Narita and Haneda. From Atsugi, it takes an average of 2.5 hours to get to Narita, but it can be significantly longer with bad traffic. Tolls vary according to which route you take but can be as high as ¥6,000 one way. The drive to Haneda takes about an hour and costs around ¥1,000 in toll fees. If you rent a car or van from the Atsugi Autoport, you’ll receive tickets to cover the cost of any toll fees as part of the rental fee. Contact the Autoport at 264-3726 or 0467-63-3726 for current rental rates.


Temporary/Visitor Lodging

Upon your arrival at Atsugi, if you have dependents and will be moving into family housing or off-base, you'll check into Atsugi's Navy Gateway Inns & Suites (NGIS) or the Navy Lodge. If you have a pet, check out our Pet Services & Boarding Kennel page (under More on the navigation bar) for helpful info. Please be aware that there are no pet-friendly rooms at Atsugi's Navy Lodge or NGIS, so your pet will have to stay at the kennel until you move into permanent housing.


Childcare & Schools


Atsugi offers the following on-base childcare options. Visit each facility's web page under the Child & Youth tab to learn more.

  • Child Development Center (CDC)
  • School-Age Care (SAC)
  • Youth Center
  • Teen Center


Atsugi's location in Japan means there are multiple school options for kids. Click below to read about the options, and see our School Liaison Officer page under the Child & Youth tab to learn about registering.

Have a Youth Relocating to Atsugi?

Atsugi's youth can take part in the Navy's Youth Sponsorship Program (YSP) – the goal is to provide information, discussion, easy integration, fun, and support the needs of transitioning military children. Kids are provided with valuable info that's key in adjusting to a new area, and they can also form lasting bonds with other military youth who understand the military lifestyle.

If you'd like your child(ren) to have a Youth Sponsor, please fill out the below two short forms and send them to your Atsugi School Liason Officer (SLO) at, or your Atsugi Youth Sports & Teen Coordinator at You can also drop them off at the Teen Center (bldg. 294), where the SLO's office is also located. Visit the Facility Directory for more info.


Atsugi's Housing Service Center supports both families and unaccompanied personnel. Please visit their website for complete information. 



After you arrive at Atsugi, you may be required to take the Area Orientation Brief (AOB) and Intercultural Relations (ICR) class. This week-long course will familiarize you with base facilities, the local area, Japanese culture and customs, and some basic Japanese phrases. You’ll also learn all about driving in Japan and take a simple test to get your Japanese driving license. Your sponsor or command can register you (and your family) for the class. Note: Childcare is available and can be arranged by your sponsor/command.


Dialing phone numbers...

Phone numbers for facilities on base differ depending on what kind of phone you’re calling from. Official DSN numbers on base will always start with 264, followed by four more digits (264-XXXX). However, when dialing from your new Japanese cell phone, the prefix is always 0467-63, followed by the same last four digits of the DSN number (0467-63-XXXX). If calling from the U.S., you'd dial 011-81-467-63-XXXX.

Nearby base phoning info:

  • U.S. Army Garrison Japan (Camp Zama) - 263-XXXX or 0464-07-XXXX
  • Yokosuka Naval Base - 243-XXXX or 0468-16-XXXX
  • Yokota Air Base - 225-XXXX or 0425-52-XXXX

For a complete listing of Atsugi facilities, click here.


Getting help in an emergency...

If you're off base and need to reach Japanese emergency personnel from your cell phone, dial 110 to reach the police and 119 to reach emergency services. If you’re on base, either 911 or 119 will connect you to base emergency services if you're calling from a DSN number. If you're calling from a cell phone, dial 0467-63-911 or 0467-63-119. Especially if you live on base, it’s best to save one of those numbers as a contact in your phone so you don’t have to worry about remembering it in an emergency.